Yes, it might look easy
But counting those syllables
Can be a real pain

Ooh, I bet it's warm
I wonder how it would look
On my bedroom floor

-- by Devil Doll
What is it about
An Indian-head buckle
That makes women weak?

-- by Deke
"That shiny buckle
Combined with Logan's watch
Makes my head explode."

-- by Deke
For the love of God
Please tell me why they can't sell
Replica buckles

-- by Deke
Wolverine's buckle
Is the penultimate prize
For many fangirls

-- by Deke
Please send Devil Doll
A bare-chested Wolvie clone
With a big buckle

-- by Deke
without you around
the X-Men Movie 2 would
have little purpose

-- by Hannah
Oh how it sparkles
like a bright shiny beacon
lovely dear object

-- by ice princess deluxe
Not shining so bright
The buckle is envious
Pretty new wrist watch

-- by ice princess deluxe
Eye catching buckle
Combined with drool worthy watch
Makes my poor knees weak

-- by ice princess deluxe
Big screen buckle shot
Huge sensory overload
Caution fainting spells

-- by ice princess deluxe