In the Cage
Real shame he's not wearing a shirt.

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Our first glimpse of Wolverine's buckle comes during the memorable cage fighting scene. Admittedly, it wasn't the first thing we noticed.


Looks like this guy's gettin' a nice view of it, actually.

Yer outta here!

Here we can only see the top half, but we take what we can get.

I'm not sure you should do that, buddy.

Another partial shot. The buckle is such a tease sometimes.

That's probably not a good idea either.

Here's a profile shot.

I sense a change. . .

Another profile shot from a different angel. . .uh, angle. It's getting hard to concentrate, for some reason.

You're in big trouble now, bub.

Aw, yeeeeah.

Grrr. . .

Kind of hard to spot in this shot, but it's there. We've devoted hours of grueling research to this project, so we should know.

Take that!

We like how the wires of the cage frame the buckle so nicely in this one. Bryan Singer obviously knew what he had on his hands.

And that!

Wolverine and his mighty buckle return to their corner, victorious.

I sure showed that guy.