X2 Behind The Scenes
It probably has its own dressing room.

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This historic photo was our first glimpse of the buckle's presence in X2. Tears of joy were shed this day, I assure you.

I'd love to hit that guy just once. . .

Even Bryan Singer gets the hairy eyeball if he gets too close to it. No pun intended there. Really.

Watch it. . .

Buckle good. Wolverine hunky. *thud*


The buckle is almost as shiny as Chuck's head.

Cue the buckle!

The buckle makes its big entrance.

Cut!  The buckle was out of focus!

Even aliens know a good thing when they see it.

Steven Spielberg sent us.

It's a bird! It's a plane! It's a super buckle!

Outta my way!  I'm tryin' to save the kid here.

It flies through the air with the greatest of ease. . .


Here, with the aid of his buckle, Wolverine quickly dispatches some bad guys.



He's not going to let those pesky aliens get his buckle.

Screw you, bubs!

Even the claws can't overshadow it.

And they come in really handy when I play the piano!