X2 Screencaps
Possible spoilers!

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And there's that watch again.


Bursting into a theatre near you in May of 2003.

Crap!  The time's almost up on the parking meter.

Wolverine leaps into battle. Dazzled by the buckle, the bad guys are sure to be easy pickings.

Crap!  The time's almost up on the parking meter.

The buckle looks on as Bobby serves iced coffee.

Just kickin' back.

Wolverine and his buckle stand ready to face the bad guys.

Does this shirt make my buckle look fat?

Let's get a little closer.

That's close enough.

Even with a beautiful woman in the shot, the buckle stands out.

She's pretty, but the buckle's prettier.

And when the camera zooms in for a close-up, the buckle still looms in the background.

Get your own close-up, honey.


Conveniently, the seatbelts on the X-Jet are designed with the buckle in mind.

Don't wanna scratch it.